Posters and More

Does everyone at your school know about TraffickSTOP? Download and print these files to help promote the TraffickSTOP program. These materials are available in multiple sizes and options, suitable for in-house printing or a professional print shop. Choose the options that work best for you.

Outreach opportunity: Tell local businesses about the TraffickSTOP program. Ask if they can donate funds for professional printing, or if they can provide free printing for these materials.

Team Meetings

Team meetings are the heart of the TraffickSTOP program. The meetings are your chance to facilitate important conversations about real issues that can impact team members and the entire student body.

Stay on track. Download these materials before each meeting so you can be fully prepared to work with your team. The meeting plans outline general goals for each meeting, and the student handouts reinforce important ideas and information about human trafficking. Materials are being updated with minor modifications; final versions of the materials will be available by the end of September 2024.

Your school, your team. The TraffickSTOP program is designed to be flexible. It’s up to you to use the materials to create a welcoming team environment that works for you and your school.

Navigating the TraffickSTOP Website

Learn more about how the TraffickSTOP website works by completing this course. The course should be completed by all facilitators.

self-paced online training for TraffickSTOP facilitators

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